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Created by Jamie at 19th Dec 2018, last modified 19th Dec 2018

Christmas 2018

Santa has been spotted in San Andreas once again, spreading Christmas cheer by decorating the cities, and he might've left a little gift for everyone inside their houses! You will be able to open these on Christmas day - you wouldn't want to spoil the magic by opening them sooner of course!

In the meantime, some of you can help Santa out by starting a special Christmas mission of delivering gifts to houses all over the Active City! And for those party poopers who don't believe in the magic of Christmas, there's a special anti-Christmas mission for you to STEAL gifts from people's houses! (NOTE: Teams are chosen randomly - players cannot choose whether they are Team Santa or Team Grinch, and cannot switch. Type /i to see which team you are on!)

Team Santa:

  • Fill your festive sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • Start your Santa mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is empty
  • (Optional) Refill your sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • End your Santa mission with /end


Team Grinch:

  • Start your Grinch mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is full
  • (Optional) Empty your sack at The Grinch's "Lair"
  • End your Grinch mission with /end


There will be a prize for the person who delivers/steals the most gifts during the event

There is also a special Christmas spot in the middle of each city where you could find random presents

The regular stats posts will return in 2019, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks with our 2018 recap

Happy holidays


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Jamie @19th Dec 2018

Special thanks to Markski for getting this all sorted out, wouldn't have happened without him!

[]MehaR[] @19th Dec 2018

Thank You all guys for your this hard work!

Psst @19th Dec 2018

Thank you Markski!

Vippy @20th Dec 2018

thanks markski <3
Great update <3

Vex @23rd Dec 2018

Thanks jamie and markski for this this great update!
Thanks blacklite, idk why.

=DCM=Migis @24th Dec 2018

Nice event! Thank you for it!

Tho i would like it even more if you could do things in groups, as it's kinda boring and lonley to do these alone.

Good job anyways! ????