Hello everyone!

First off, thank you to everyone who took part in the Christmas event this year. We had 537 unique accounts log in and play during this time and 151 accounts who took part in the event!

Over the time the event was live, 34,296 gifts were either delivered or stolen, of those Team Santa delivered 16,381 gifts but Team Grinch managed 17,915! Everyone on Team Grinch has been given a token to spend however they wish at the SACNR HQ building in San Fierro.

The top player from each team will also be receiving an extra property slot, this year it's going to be Squeezy for Team Grinch with 4,620 gifts and suleman_pro for Team Santa with 2,600 gifts!

And finally any player who delivered more than 1,000 gifts will recieve an extra token! Congratulations Squeezy, suleman_pro, Aaly[], Vippy, Foxy, BAHKS, LilithV, Lorcs, Riqitch8, Markski, Matrix and Bestfriends.

Big thanks to Eero991, puuropuuro, Squeezy, Magmaring, Vippy, Gabu and Grayham for helping us find and fix some bugs during the event!


Next, we've got some updates which have gone live in the last few days which Markski has been working on:

  • Medics can now do ambulance missions, which require you to transport patients from their homes to the closest hospital. To start an ambulance mission just enter an ambulance as a medic and type /start
  • The vote on "fast"/"overpowered" skins removal is over. "Yes" won, so they've been removed.
  • (mostly) Fixed a bug which caused you to lose weapons if you died shortly after buying them in a business.
  • When a duel ends, now the accuracy of the winner is shown in the chat announcement.
  • Duels lost/won are now counted. You can use the command /duelsts to see the stats of any player regarding win/lost ratio and average accuracy. (If a field says "N/A" is just means there's not enough data)


Within the next few days we'll have the SACNR awards for 2018 up and ready for voting on, We'll throw another post up here when it's done. :)


Thank you to everyone who took part in our event this year and congratulations again to the winners.