Hello SACNR,

Today we will be doing some internal changes, and attemptiong fix a couple of issues, which may cause some inconveniences in the game.

Please beware of the following unintended effects that may come up, including but not limited to:


  • We made way too many NRG-500's and Carbombs, so they'll be selling for $1 until we have a manageable amount of stock.
  • Car bombs might have a little bit too much charge in them. Please be careful when operating them!
  • Some C4 from the Carbombs spilt over San Andreas' ammunition supplies. Pretty sure we cleaned all of it off, but still beware of some residues!
  • Car manufacturers warned us about the inability to produce enough cars to place on the server, so we had to use some retired stock to fill the blanks.
  • Horn manufacturers warned us about the possibility of problems with their current products.
  • There might be some antiques under the ground. It's fine, shouldn't be able to harm us down there.
  • We have misplaced some of the helicopters in the game, so they've been replaced with other models until we find the originals. Please note these might be a bit too complicated to operate for newer players.


Please do not panic, and by all means, use these resources responsibly!

-The SACNR Dev Team

(But seriously, All SACNR rules still apply. Have fun!)