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Created by Blacklite at 01:27:49 13th Apr 2019


I've made some small changes to the rules, mostly to fix some formatting errors etc.

However I've also made one actual change:

Weapon bug abuse
Using any bug (including GTA bugs) to speed up or skip reloading weapons. This includes switching weapons to avoid the animation.

As I consider switching weapons to reload not a bug but a feature :)



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[SS_Striker] @02:41:28 13th Apr 2019

thank god

Markski @02:53:37 13th Apr 2019

im pleased

Psst @09:51:50 13th Apr 2019

Your stress level has decreased!

[WT]Psycho @10:05:58 13th Apr 2019

Add chainsaw back

Vippy @23:49:31 13th Apr 2019

Finally Thankyu blacklite :)

Vex @07:14:26 14th Apr 2019

At last luv u blacklite !!!!