As some of you are aware, over the last year, we've been working on a large overhaul update, mainly focusing on the economy and balancing. We've also been having lots of discussions internally about the direction we want to take the server. Everything is now at a point where we're confident enough to give it a try. Testing is now complete so we'll be looking to roll this out soon.

As more robbery spots, jobs and features were added to the server, the economy started to lose balance. Partly because we would take a guess at the profits each job should pay out instead of calculating these based on other activities. This translated into jobs and robbery zones which produce ridiculous sums of money when compared to the rest, making it too easy for players to farm money. Along with this, previous money bugs have allowed for impossible amounts of cash to be spawned in the server which isn't fair to the rule-abiding majority.

The solution is to re-engineer parts of the economy with balance as the main priority. This way, players can earn money doing things they enjoy instead of boring jobs that bring in more money. For this, large parts of the script had to be rewritten. This will allow us to apply changes faster in order to keep things balanced. Everything from robbery profits, service payments, tax rates and property values will be adjusted until we reach a rate which works for everyone. In order for this to take place, we'll need to reset cash, properties and stats for all players.

With that said, we're archiving your old stats and they'll still be visible on your profile when the new code is live. Legacy stats will also be available ingame through the `/lsts` command. I'm also planning to add a "rank" to these fields so you can see where you stood compared to every other SACNR player registered - although this may not be available immediately following the update.

We've spoken about a reset for a while (years) and we said we'd only do it when we believe we have the changes in place to make it worthwhile. We now think we're at that stage, so we're going to schedule it in for Saturday 23rd November. At some point on this day we'll make another post and the server will go down for several hours while we carry out the updates and other server maintenance.

We're fully aware that this won't make all of you jump for joy and it was a difficult decision for us to come to, but we believe that it is the right one at this point in time.

Along with the economy changes we've mentioned above, many updates will be released at the same time. We'll put up a big post when we're ready to put the server back up with all of the juicy details.

To see this version of SACNR off with a bang, we've made some changes to the script

  • $1 medical fees
  • $1 vehicles at the car shops
  • Access to the /nos command
  • Full weapon skill for all players

These changes will be up later today.

We're really excited about the new changes we're about to put live and we hope you'll enjoy them

If you've got any questions about the process, the reset or the future, we'll be opening a Q&A topic on the forums here.

Thank you,
Markski, Blacklite and Jamie
-The SACNR Dev Team.