The reset announced a couple of days ago has now been completed. It covered properties, money & stats. Old stats are now available on website profiles, and with the /lsts command.

A way to see old /ach will be added in the future as well.

The following updates have been applied along with this:


  • The economy of the game has gone through a major overhaul. Prices and incomes all around have been balanced.
  • Wealth taxes no longer exist, they're now Income taxes. Instead of being based on total wealth, they'll be based on recent income. This will allow non-donators to make money more easily than now, while still having a system in place to avoid excessive wealth.
  • Now all activities will pay more when done in the active city. This includes public service payments.
  • Bank interests, business incomes, rents and all other automated incomes and payments are now synced. They all happen every 24 game hours.
  • Lowered max business income to make up for the fact it'll now happen every 24 game hours instead of 40. You'll still need a 11m biz to get the max.


  • Dual weapons are no longer a donator benefit. They're now for everyone.
  • Donators will pay less income taxes.
  • Donators will have the ability to save tuned cars presets and buy them in the carshop. This means you can tune a car however you like, save it, then buy it with that tunning wherever and whenever you want. Use /savecar [name] to save a car while inside it. You can then buy it from the new "Custom presets" section in the carshop.
  • Donators now have a new car mod shop. It'll allow you to add neons, engine decorations and change color ID's for most vehicles. You can find it with /gps 26.


  • Prices of buying and selling drugs from the drug dealer are no longer static. They will now vary depending on drug activity in the server.
  • Prices for buying drug seeds now make sense.
  • Drug plants now die when reaching 200 grams instead of 250
  • Drug plants now have a visible model. This means players will have to actually hide them instead of planting anywhere.
  • To make up for this, plants can now be placed much closer to each other.

Quality of Life

  • /help menus have been rewritten and updated.
  • Pause kick time has been increased.
  • Improved how some menus look and work. Now all menus can be used with parameters on command. (for example, "/gps 15" instead of "/gps" then "15")
  • Using /rob in an interior will now show instructions for how to properly rob that establishment, instead of an error.
  • Text in the speedometer should be a little more comfortable to read.
  • Improved look of robbery timers.
  • You can now use /deposit and /withdraw in houses and businesses.
  • Cars will now properly save their colours, paint jobs and components when saved in a house.
  • G Abuse is now much less effective.
  • Dual-weld weapons are no longer a donator benefit - they're now for everyone.
  • New players will have distance set to Metric and speed set to Km/h by default, auto-update informational boxes ON by default, and some sounds on by default.
  • The minimap now acts as a damage received indicator. It'll light up red if receiving damage from a civilian, or blue if receiving damage from a cop.
  • When escaping from a cop with the robbery bag, a progress bar will now indicate how far away from the police you must get in order for the robbery counter to tick down.


  • Icons are now only visual and have no effect on robberies. Their price was lowered to $10M.
  • Business security is now more robust. It's also a fair bit more expensive per level.
  • Stock and balance of businesses are now listed right on the /biz menu when inside of it.
  • Business incomes have been balanced to make the maximum $120k. This might seem low, but it's not since business income will be paid more often.
  • Increased how much you can change the prices of items for sale in your business. Be advised that setting them too low can now result in losing money, so be careful!


  • Rebuilt Long Haul pickup & destination finder. (No more travelling to a different city for a pickup, especially in San Fierro).
  • It is now possible to exit the truck during Long Hauls, but you'll have to get back inside in under a minute to not lose the job.
  • Losing your truck trailer now shows a timer for how much time you have left to re-attach.
  • Added more San Fierro destinations for Long Hauls.
  • Pilots will get a bonus for flying during dangerous weather (No more admin change weather pass for pilots).
  • The payments for some jobs were balanced to be more in line with the new economy.

Gameplay (Civilians)

  • There are no more level requirements to buy thermal drill. Level requirements for Duffle bag and Lock pick were lowered to RP1.
  • Thermal Drill has less effect on robbery chances. It'll lower the robbery times instead.
  • Thermal Drill is now used only for bank and casino robberies.
  • Robbery success chances for other activities were increased to make up for this.
  • You can place a bomb on a vehicle by crouching next to it and pressing Y. (This was added a while ago, but never announced)
  • Prices for hits and carbombs were slightly decreased
  • There's now a random chance of getting a weapon when robbing Ammu-Nation.

Gameplay (Law enforcement)

  • Law enforcement can now drive over the PD garage checkpoints (again).
  • Arrests and Assists are now two separate stats.
  • Profits for arrests are now split between Arresters and Assisters. The arrester will always get more than the rest.
  • Law Enforcement will pay 25% less medical fees if killed in action.
  • Using /tazer without parameters will now taze the closest player, instead of the player with the lowest id.
  • Cops can now arrest players from within vehicles if close enough.
  • Criminals will now be automatically arrested when in the same vehicle as a cop.
  • The PD Garage checkpoint will now give better weapons.
  • The cooldown time for heal and armour in PD checkpoints were decreased.
  • You can now refuel and repair police vehicles in PD checkpoints for free by pressing 2 like in gasso.

Gameplay (Medics)

  • To heal players on foot, now both player and medic must stand still for a few seconds. It is no longer immediate.
  • You can only heal players on a vehicle if the player you try to heal isn't in combat.
  • You'll now be paid more for healing players.
  • Medics can now use /placemedkit to place a Medic Kit on the ground. It'll provide slow healing to everyone near it for 30 seconds. Everyone around the medic kit will slowly pay you in real-time based on how much they're healed.

Other additions

  • Added /combatlog. It'll show the last 15 times you shot or were shot by someone, including how long ago, with what weapon, where the shots hit and how much damage it caused.
  • Added /trade. It'll allow two players to directly trade properties with no need of a middleman. (Thanks Drogadazo)
  • Added /shareloc. to share your map markers with other players.
  • Added /faq. It can be used by new players to see frequently asked questions. It's contents will vary depending on player class.
  • Added /duels. It'll display the results of the last 5 duels of a player.
  • Added /victim. It'll display the last crimes commited towards a player.
  • Added /financeinfo. It'll display your last incomes and payments which happen every 24 game hours, as stated above.

Other changes

  • Implemented a public version number. It's based on date and revision to be retroactively applied. This update marks SACNR v19.11.
  • There's now a proper #sacnr.echo in our Discord.
  • Maximum password length has been increased from 32 to 64 characters.
  • Lowered the range of spawn-killing protection in BDM.
  • Anna will now only show rules and instructions on how to become a regular player to non-regulars.
  • Anna will now only show instructions on how to donate to non-donators.
  • Several parts of the script were polished or outright rewritten. Things should feel less laggy in general.
  • Fixed GPS arrow turning into random objects.
  • Fixed /plants mis-numbering the listed drug plants.
  • Fixed bugs with robbery times in stores.
  • Fixed some anti-cheat false-positive kicks.
  • Fixed a bunch more stuff that we can't remember.

We've also rewritten a lot of stuff at architectural level including database and timer logic, in order to try and decrease lag. The server should run a lot better now, but if you experience heavy lag or notice anomalies with time progression, please do tell us about it.

Finally, thanks to all of you for the feedback and patience over the course of the last few months. We hope this update provides all of you with a fun and improved experience.

As always, please provide further feedback, suggestions and bug reports at our forum, and feel free to join us over at our Discord.


Blacklite, Markski and Jamie