Hi all

We're adding another update to SACNR today, this time to try and prevent deathmatching. The things you need to know are:

  • Medics will no longer be able to harm other players
  • Medics can no longer be harmed by other players, unless they have a hit contract on them
  • Police can not harm yellow/white players, they can only harm red/arrestable players
  • There are some circumstances where this protection does not work. In these cases, players will have their weapons automatically disabled temporarily, and if they continue to try to abuse it, they will be automatically kicked.
  • This new damage protection extends to players and their vehicles.
  • If a "shootable" target is on top of or inside a vehicle, then that vehicle will be destroyable. For example, if a red/arrestable player is inside or on top of a vehicle, then as law enforcement you will be able to destroy the vehicle.

Thanks to Markski (and Josh) for helping test this update. The changes should be going live some time within the next 24 hours.