Santa has been spotted in San Andreas once again, spreading Christmas cheer, decorating trees, as well as some stores and streets. And of course, looking for those of you willing to assist him to put a gift in every house in San Andreas.

Every player has been assigned a team - Team Santa or Team Grinch. Team Santa's job is to deliver gifts to every doorstep, and Team Grinch's is, of course, to take those away.

Team Santa:

  • Fill your festive sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • Start your Santa mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is empty
  • Refill your sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • End your Santa mission with /end

Team Grinch:

  • Start your Grinch mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is full
  • Empty your sack at The Grinch's "Lair"
  • End your Grinch mission with /end

On top of that, this year you'll be able to do these Christmas missions in teams! So long as you're in the same team and group, you'll be able to /xmasjoin other people's deliveries or stealing sprees.

As usual, the team which delivers the most gifts will get a prize, and so will the player who delivers the overall highest quantity of gifts. There's a Christmas Spot near every PD where miscellaneous objects can be earned as well.

Furthermore, the following unrelated changes were applied with this update, which marks SACNR v19.12.5:

  • Decreased the payout of robbing casinos, increased payout of robbing banks.
  • Fixed a bug where your vehicle can spawn twice if you save it in your house.
  • Decreased horizontal range of tazer a little, decreased vertical range of tazer a lot.
  • Increased how often a cop can use the tazer, but decreased how often a player can be tazered during a fight. This means a cop fighting two players will be able to taze each of them faster, but a single player can go a much longer before being tazered again.
  • Decreased the length of being tazed to 1,5 seconds.
  • You can now properly take a friend or group members locked vehicle without needing to enter it twice.
  • Fixed some issues with drug plants.

Happy holidays!
- SACNR Dev Team