Happy new year everyone, we hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Christmas event this year. We had 3416 unique accounts log in and play during this time and 156 accounts who took part in the event!

Collectively you delivered/stole 25,124 gifts, of those Team Santa delivered 10,324 gifts but Team Grinch managed 14,800! Everyone on Team Grinch has been given a token to spend at the SACNR HQ building in San Fierro.

The top player from each team will also be receiving an extra property slot, this year it's going to be [WT]Michel for Team Grinch with 5,000 gifts and Goliath for Team Santa with 2,500 gifts! We've also taken the opportunity to add back the extra property slots given to previous winners of this event. We'd removed them during the reset to allow property sales to be more fair. Now things have died down, it only seems right to put them back.

And finally any player who delivered at least 1,337 gifts will recieve an extra token! Congratulations [WT]Michel, Goliath, DontTouchMe, [WT]Ivan_Slavov, Riqitch8, Robi and Tobs.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our event this year and congratulations again to the winners.