Those of you on Discord would have already seen these updates, but I'm posting them here too...


  • Disable Christmas for another year
  • Anticheat updates.
  • Fix potential issues when admins delete vehicles.
  • Stop cops being able to give drugs to other players.
  • Stop "The active city is now X" showing up when the server restarts.
  • Switch the shotgun order in business menus to match ammunations.


  • Arrests will now be rewarded to the last cop who shot a suspect if they die in an explosion or other indirect way. They'll still be given to the nearest cop if they weren't shot.
  • When a player with a hit dies in an explosion or other indirect way, the hit will be rewarded to the last player who shot them, if applicable.
  • Implemented a second, cheaper $150,000 vehicle bomb with a weaker explosion, which can only be rigged from inside vehicles.
  • Increased score for long haul, pilot and bank courier to 1 score every 2 jobs instead of 3.
  • Decreased score lost for dying to 1 score every 2 deaths instead of 1.
  • Decreased score casino and bank robberies slightly. A casino robbery will now give the same score as a property robbery, whereas bank robberies will give 1 more point.
  • When robbing any place, you'll now have the robbery added to your stats after the robbery bag is gone, instead of after the robbery is completed.
  • Fixed bug which caused car bombs to charge 2x mfees.


  • Fixed bug where bombers would not pay mfees if killed by their own bomb
  • Fixed bug where prompt to plant a bomb from behind a vehicle would not show up
  • Increased power of cheap bomb, but also made it slightly more likely to fail than normal bomb
  • Bomb detonations will no longer kill players who were recently killed by a bomb, if a bomber manages to bypass the /b restriction for that.
  • Players with hits will no longer force-eject from vehicles on fire, since last update made that properly count a kill and not a suicide anymore.
  • Red players disconnecting will now also have their arrest given to the last cop who shot them, just like deaths.


  • Fixed bombs planted from outside a vehicle sometimes being a little too powerful.
  • Fixed last remains of double mfee bug which could still happen in some scenarios.


  • Added new meat factories in LS and SF.
  • Fixed /placemedkit.
  • Remove players from houses after they've robbed them.
  • Players can't rob the same person twice in a row.
  • Player can't attempt to rob the same location twice in a row.
  • Increased the house robbery cooldown.
  • Decreased the business robbery cooldown.
  • Prevent players from withdrawing cash from a property which is being robbed.
  • Remove "Double service pay" as a token perk - this was pay2win and was meant to be removed years ago.
  • Decrease the price of the special car section to 1 token.


  • Hotfix house robberies not working correctly.


  • Potentially fix bug where houses would sell to the server after being purchased.
  • Prevent /sit /gsit /lean /lay and /hide if the player has been damaged in the last 4 seconds to prevent desynced fights.