• Using a menu command with a direct parameter (like "/gps 10") should now be much faster.
  • Changed and added some Long Haul cargo.
  • Removed "Informational menu refresh" from settings. It will be enabled for everyone permanently.
  • You can use "N" instead of click to close menus and stop animations. (click will still work)
  • Using /rob and /heal without specifying a player will choose the nearbiest player that can be robbed/healed, instead of choosing any nearbiest player and failing if not applicable.
  • It is now possible to use /settings, /gps, /help and /faq while driving a car.
  • The GPS arrow now updates a little faster.
  • /info lets you put a radar icon on the player you're tracking.
  • The radar will now show icons for the properties you own.


  • Fixed Discord <-> in-game bridge


  • The tazer's chances of failure now depends on the amount of cops and robbers near. If there are more robbers, the tazer is less likely to fail, and vice-versa.
  • Made it harder to hijack moving/taking off helicopters.
  • Made it harder to f-abuse.
  • Implement a debt system. If you go into debt, you'll be given 24 game hours to pay it back before the bank starts selling your properties.
  • Map trackers on players will be less accurate the further away you're from them.
  • Added option in /settings to disable your own property icons.
  • Added a help option in Meat Factory. It will detail what each item does.
  • Added a Signal Blocker to the Meat Factory. You can carry 3 of them. When used, signal blockers will make you harder to find for 3 minutes. They'll make you impossible to track (through a map icon) and your radar blip will only be visible for players nearby.
  • Fixed bug where you could still spawn in a house after selling it.
  • Fixed two cases where you'd spawn in LV while SF was active.
  • Fixed bug with certain commands which allowed players to communicate while muted.
  • When a business is sold, you'll now also receive a percentage of the value and all of the business bank.