Hello, everyone

Today's update introduces an Elo skill ranking system. This new system will evaluate how good (or bad) players are at the game, based on their actions and performances, and assign them a rank. This will allow players to track their progress at learning how to play the game, as well as providing means to compare your skills with those of other players.

Please don't ask how to improve your rank, or what decreases it. All you need to know is that doing good at the game will improve it, while being bad at the game will decrease it.

The ranks, from lower to higher, are as follows:

For law enforcement:

  • Officer III
  • Officer II
  • Officer I
  • Officer Elite
  • Lieutenant III
  • Lieutenant II
  • Lieutenant I
  • Lieutenant Elite
  • Sheriff
  • Marshall of San Andreas

For civilians:

  • Thug III
  • Thug II
  • Thug I
  • Thug Elite
  • Gangster III
  • Gangster II
  • Gangster I
  • Gangster Elite
  • Criminal Kingpin
  • Public Enemy of San Andreas

All players will start as "Unranked". Everyone will be assigned an initial rank once they play for long enough.

You can use /rank to check your own rank or the rank of others.

Asides from the new ranks system, the following changes were made:

  • Karma has been removed as it no longer served any purpose.
  • Added kill assists.
  • Added a message for saving other players.
  • People shooting from cars will cause less damage to other cars.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to drive-by with unallowed guns.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Many alert texts (hit placed/completed, job started and canceled, warnings and many others) which traditionally take a lot of screen space have been replaced for smaller texts which will now appear near the bottom of the screen.

As always, please provide feedback and bug reports at the forums or in our Discord.