Medium sized update with a requested feature.

  • If you go several days without visiting a property, you'll pay an accumulated tax in order to keep it. This tax will depend on how long it's been since the last visit, the value of the property itself, and how active you are in-game.
  • Made changes to the new screen texts to make them easier on the eyes.
  • "Low fuel" sounds have been replaced by general warning sounds which will be triggered by several game events. (/settings -> Sounds)
  • You can now try to rob the same location after failing it if you're in the active city.
  • Fixed and rewritten a handful of things in the script to help with lag.
  • Fixed issues with ranks.

Furthermore, we'd like to make the following rule very clear, as many seem to not be aware:

  • It is not allowed to sell a property for cheaper than the intended value and receive the rest of it in other way (transfer/tiki/letter/etc). Doing this will result in a punishment which could result in (but won't be limited to) losing properties, cash, stats, rank and/or the ability to own properties at all, for everyone involved.

As always, please send feedback and bug reports to our forums or in our Discord.