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For those of you not in Discord, here's a roundup of all the updates this month:


  • Fix false cheat kick when buying ammo.
  • Made several changes which should help the server run and feel smoother, specially after the aforementioned issue is solved.
  • (website) The top 10 was divided into categories and given a more tidy look
  • (website) Duel history is now available in player profiles


  • Fixed issue where business names were the names of the owners.
  • Small balance changes to taxes/payouts. (Mostly so small they're unperceivable, none worth specifying).
  • Decreased the price of fish (but made fish larger in average).
  • Increased minimum price of hits to 25k.
  • Slightly decreased the reward of moneybags.
  • Added "Crate race". A crate will randomly spawn in the map at any given time. Civilians will have the ability to see the location of the crate, and will have to fight (and kill, if necesary) each other to pick it up, then make it alive to the delivery zone for a reward. Cops won't be able to see the spawning location of the crate, but will receive a remarkable bonus for arresting the player who picked it up before delivering it.


  • As a passanger, you can now switch between SMG and Assault Rifle by pressing N.
  • Fix fish showing a different price than they are worth when caught.
  • Fixed small issue with arrests.
  • Fix small issue with /findcrate.


  • Added notification boxes. They're experimental and might not stay for long. Their objective is to bring attention to certain things that may go unseen in the chat, and they'll share screen space with the join/quit list, so they won't feel invasive. They might also be used in the future to give hints and directions for new players.
  • Balanced profits for moneybag and crates.
  • You can no longer fish inside or on top of vehicles that aren't boats.
  • Optimized some friends-related stuff.
  • (probably) Fixed major issue with server restarting and not allowing log-ins.
  • Other minor bugfixes.


  • Due to their weight, crates will now slow down the vehicles they're taken in. They'll also stop helicopters from taking off.
  • Killing a crate carrier will immediatly give you the crate if close enough.
  • Law Enforcement officers will now pay less medical fees.
  • Romeros can now be found in 5 graveyard/church locations.
  • Added new crate locations.
  • Added a couple camera, shovel and flowers pickups loosely scattered across the map.
  • Players who are issued a ticket will now pay it if they disconnect.
  • Added notifications for group-related stuff.
  • Made notifications a little smaller.
  • Fixed seeing a friend log-in notification of yourself when logging in.
  • Fixed being unable to damage enemies in TDM if you share a /group.
  • Fixed(?) issue with /addfriend, /deletefriend sometimes not working.


  • /gg can now be used to transfer Flowers and Cameras. (and a few guns it should've allowed but didn't).
  • Added (id) after player names in places where it was missing.
  • Decreased barrier of entry to certain ranks.
  • Despite very creative players finding ways to break the laws of physics, surfing a vehicle with a crate will now also slow it down.
  • Some typos have been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug which made it a lot harder than it should be to deliver a crate if you entered the checkpoint too fast.
  • Fixed a bug which disabled withdrawing from businesses in situations where it should be possible.
  • Fixed a bug with business group robberies failing even if they shouldn't have.


  • Trading businesses will no longer keep security, icons nor stock.
  • Cost of repairing vehicles now depends on how damaged a vehicle is.
  • Cost of refueling vehicles is a little higher.
  • Increased overdue house taxes.
  • Speed in the speedometer will now update a little faster.
  • Changes to vehicle surfing mechanics. Having more than 3 players in a vehicle (driver + passangers + surfers) will make it slower. Likewise, shots fired by the players in a vehicle will cause less damage the more players it has.
  • Fixed issue where players would not spawn in their houses if they left in them.
  • Fixed issue with seizing money after certain robberies if arrested.


  • Fix a bug when trading businesses.
  • You'll now lose less score when arrested (and your current score may have increased).
  • You'll now get an indicator on the right side of the screen when your money increases/decreases.
  • Textdraw titles updated to return their transparency.
  • Anticheat updates


  • Fixed /fish on foot.
  • Fixed /withdraw in properties (again).
  • Menu titles should look a little better now.
  • Money indicator will no longer overlap with wanted level. (but if you still play at 800x600 you might experience overlap with the death list. As a general standard you should at least play at 1024x768 for the best experience.)


  • The order of rank tiers was reversed to make more sense. (i.e. Officer III is now a higher rank than Officer II)
  • Increased the max price of renting a property to $10,000.
  • Police payments have been slightly balanced to pay Arresters a bit more, assistants a bit less.
  • Bank robberies will pay a little more, casino robberies will pay a little less.
  • You can now move during Casino and Bank robberies, to be consistent with store and property robberies.
  • Anticheat improvements (and less false-positive kicks).
  • Fixed being able to /lock a vehicle while being carjacked if you timed the command perfectly after being thrown out of the vehicle (sorry 200iq players).
  • Money transaction commands [/withdraw, /deposit, /transfer, /gc] are now compatible with more human-readable formats. For example, you can now use them like "/withdraw 500k" or "/transfer player 5m". You can also use $cash and $bank.