Hi everyone, this is the first update for the month of May. Most of these changes are based on player feedback and behaviour seen in-game.

  • Added "Robbery Sprees": Robbing different locations in a row in the active city will give you increasingly larger bonuses. You'll lose your robbery spree if you get arrested, or leave the active city.
  • Certain menus (such as fuel station) will close by themselves when you drive away from their checkpoints.
  • Law enforcement can no longer carjack vehicles of innocent players.
  • Kill assist messages are less annoying.
  • Losing wanted level is now a little faster.
  • Tickets can now be a little higher.
  • Reduced time required before entering or leaving an Ammunation.
  • Tweaked overdue taxes algorithm to benefit active players more.
  • Drug bags now hold 1200 grams.
  • Casino vault chances are lower if Las Venturas is not the active city.
  • Using Pay'n'Spray will now actually cost money.
  • A house can no longer be rented by more than 5 players at once.
  • Fixed a bug where property owners were not receiving rent money most of the time.
  • Fixed a few texts.
  • Fixed fuel depleting too fast.
  • Fixed money indicator displaying $0 for nil transactions (such as being robbed while having no money).

As always, feedback and bug reports are welcome at our forums, or at Discord, which is also where smaller updates that don't make it to the website are posted.

The process of verifying your SACNR account with Discord is now automated, so if you had issues with that before, now is the time to join again.


SACNR Dev team