Hello, today's script update introduces:

  • Implemented Inside Track betting shops. These are located in San Fierro and Los Santos (/gps 7). You can dice against players in these shops, place bets on daily horse races, and of course, rob them.
  • Limited how much you can dice against players outside the active city.
  • Just like you can use .[text] instead of /gm [text], you can now use ,[text] instead of /me [text].
  • Unlocked achievements now show a name and description separately.
  • Business owners can now change the skin of their NPC clerks.
  • Thermal Drill now has a proper integrity/health value which deteriorates per robbery, instead of breaking at random. You can view it in /inventory (/in)
  • You can /eject (/ej) while being carjacked again. You still can't lock the vehicle once it's being stolen.
  • Fixed visual bugs and/or spawning in your house after changing your skin at the hospital.
  • Fixed hits on Law Enforcement officers being canceled if the hit placer was arrested.
  • Fixed Caligulas Casino guard going missing in computers which take too long to load the map.
  • Fixed NPC clerks being stuck with their hands up after a failed robbery.
  • Fixed /combatlog being full of "Invalid" damage entries.

Image of a Betting Shop interior

Furthermore, previous unannounced versions made the following changes:

  • /robstore, /robcasino and /robbank have all been removed. Now you must threaten the newly-employed clerks on the counters with your gun to rob these locations.
  • Username highlights on announcements now have a much more adequate colour.
  • Carrying a crate no longer slows down your vehicle. This change was made because the code related to speed limitation caused weird behaviour on the computers of players driving a vehicle being surfed by a crate carrier. (manifested as erratic vehicle movement, screen "glowing" effect or outright crashes). This might return if the reason behind these glitches is found.
  • Anti F-Abuse after exiting an interior and trying to enter a vehicle should be less agressive.
  • Fixed showing city name on screen after exiting certain ints in certain cities.
  • Fixed being able to exit a casino during a robbery, then resume the robbery counter when you re-enter.

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SACNR Dev team.