Hello, today's script update introduces the following changes.

Gameplay changes

When you have more than 5,000 grams of drugs inside your house, you'll be able to start Drug Delivery missions, where using either a Boxville or a Yankee, you'll distribute your drugs in several points of the active city for a larger payment than you'd get at the drug point.

/robhouse, the only location robbery command that we still had, has now been deprecated.

Starting today, you'll have to find the safes in each house interior to start a robbery.

Several UI/UX improvements. Besides from changing a couple texts and sizes here and there to make things look nicer, and leveraging some low-importance messages to notifications, the HUD colour options in /settings have been modified to be more consistent with each other.


  • Weapons and drug bags are now cheaper.
  • Increased effectivity of lock picks in houses.
  • Law Enforcement officers can now use the racing track creation tool, and do time trials. Races against other players are still limited to civilian and medic classes.
  • Along with the change above, doing time trials near law enforcement officers will no longer give you a wanted level, only Races will.
  • You'll not lose your Robbery Spree if you relog, unless the server restarts.
  • The measures which prevented players from entering a vehicle while being shot have been removed.
  • The measures which disabled the weapons of law enforcement officers who damaged innocents while doing drive-by have been removed.

Be advised that these last 2 were only removed because they were detrimental for the gameplay, affecting clean players far more than it affected those it targeted.

F-Abuse and attacking innocent players are still very much not allowed, and they will continue to be harshly punished.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Filters have been added to the Leaderboard in the website's tracks section.
  • The options in /gps have been re-oredered in a way that finding what you're looking for is easier.
  • Small changes to the stock management system in businesses.
  • Decreased max business income to $100,000. (And modified the value-to-income curve to keep the max at around the same)
  • Decreased max drug payout to $220 per gram, but market effects on drug prices have less of a negative impact now.
  • Modified random active city selector to have all 3 cities within a month, instead of switching from one to another week by week and skipping one entirely.
  • Improved AFK Detection.
  • The GPS Arrow and speedometer update a lot faster now.
  • Anticheat improvements.


The old Inside Track location in Battery Point, SF, introduced a rather large bug that completely went over me on testing, somehow.

San Fierro's inside track now has a new home in Doherty.


  • Fixed large vehicles such as Roadtrain becoming stuck in certain carshops.
  • (Possibly) Fixed robbery sprees being lost if you fell in the sea while still in the active city.
  • Fixed weird bug with $health, $armour and $hpsts quickstrings.
  • Other miscelaneous bugfixes.

As always, most of these changes were made thanks to your feedback and suggestions. Please be sure to join our Discord to keep up with us and other fellow players.


SACNR Dev team