The following list of changes comprises all the updates released since the last post.

You can see these as they're released in real time in our Discord guild.

Gameplay (combat)

  • Introduced a new damage system. Lag compensation measures, armour, health calculations, and weapon damage, are now all done entirely by the server. This means that HP Locking is now impossible, and SA-MP's less-than-competent lag compensation will stop giving laggy players a big advantage in fights.
  • Increased the damage of the Country Rifle significantly, making it a suitable competitor for the much more expensive Sniper rifle.
  • Increased the damage of the AK-47 slightly, making it a suitable competitor for the higher priced M4, and it's greater accuracy and range.
  • Removed the anti-dm messages for law enforcement, as the changes above make it impossible to damage innocents now, even through drive-by.
  • Increased the healing power of drugs a little, since the changes above fix all the bugs related to drug consumption.
  • Increased the healing power of fish a bit.

Gameplay (others)

  • Fishing mechanics have been overhauled - Rather than a single /fish command and a dice roll, fishing will now require you to wait for a fish to bite, and buttonmash to catch it. Furthermore, fishing now gives score (2 score per every 5 caught fish), achievements, and the biggest fish caught in a game day, along with the name of who caught it, is announced at the end of each game day. Fish are now also slightly larger and more expensive in average.
  • When you leave the active city, you'll have 60 seconds to return and not lose your robbery spree, instead of losing it inmediatly.
  • You can now buy all vehicle modifications (except nitro) from the donator mod shops. No more needing to travel to LS to tune lowriders, or SF to tune certain other vehicles.
  • Relogging to rob the same location or property several times in a row will no longer work. The only way to clear this now is by robbing a different location first, or when the server restarts.
  • You can now /duel for no money (by entering 0 as the amount).
  • Dying for a duel will now result in paying medical fees.
  • Increased the chance of finding weapons when robbing an Ammunation.
  • Increased the amount of days you can go without visiting a house and not pay taxes to 3. Also decreased how brutal overdue taxes can be in certain conditions for both types of property.
  • Added some miscelaneous achievements.
  • Dicing against other players in a Casino or Inside Track will use money from your bank account now.
  • You'll be able to rob a house if the owner disconnects AFTER you broke in.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Anticheat improvements.
  • Added a couple experimental desync detections and kicks. If a player is desynced while being arrested or killed, the arrest/kill will be given to the player who earned it, and the desynced will be kicked, and instructed to relog in order to play normally.
  • Arrests are now announced on IRC's #sacnr.echo and Discord's #sacnr-echo
  • Corrected a few typos, changed a few alerts to display secondary text with a smaller font as to not cover so much screen space. Also moved alerts down a little to not be covered by the chat at lower resolutions.
  • Notifications were made a little bit smaller, and they can stack and scroll if one needs to be shown while another one is being show.
  • Changed a few texts to look less stretched in 16:9 displays.
  • Added some text filtering to avoid colour tags (stuff like {00FFAA}) from making it into IRC chat.
  • Fixed exploit which allowed to save nitro with /savecar.
  • Fixed bug with ranks giving too much importance to old events when ELO scores were calculated.
  • Fixed weird issue with fishing progress bar.
  • Fixed TDM arenas not working.
  • Fixed losing weapons after leaving a TDM arena.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong fish was shown as the largest one at the end of each game day.
  • Fixed up colour and position of some HUD elements.
  • Fixed issues with partially picking up plants when your drug bag is nearly full.
  • Fixed a variety of issues causing players to not correctly register damage in certain edge/rare scenarios.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Keep 'em coming.

SACNR Dev team.