Over the last few months/years it's become apparent that people are just using SACNR as a DM server. This is creating a toxic environment which is hostile to new players and has a negative effect on the overall player count. I've tried to deal with this before but trying to talk to people about this and issuing multiple warnings has just been ignored.

Hit contracts, bombs and duels have been removed from the server until further notice. Player who still continue to use SACNR to trash talk, DM and create gang wars will be punished harshly. This is a cops and robbers server and that should be the main focus of gamemode. If anyone would like suggestions for DM servers to play on, you can use the filter on https://monitor.sacnr.com/ to find something suited to your liking.

Until we can remove the toxic behaviour in the server, we're going to have to take drastic measures to put things back on track.