The following changes have been made to the game over the course of the month:

  • Monthly missions were introduced. Every game month (or every 12 real life hours) you'll be assigned 3 missions to complete, which can be doing a certain amount of jobs or other objectives. Completing these will grant you with "activity stars".
  • Activity stars can be redeemed at any food cart for cosmetics (only 1 so far), packs of weapons, robbery items or the ability to put nitrous in any vehicle. There's also an option where you can suggest more items or cosmetics.
  • Active city won't repeat after a server restart anymore.
  • You may now lock vehicles by pressing Y while on foot.
  • Menus such as /i now refresh a little faster.
  • Decreased the amount of time that needs to pass before selling a vehicle after logging in.
  • Fixed bug where business value wasn't sometimes correctly refunded when auto-sold.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the same city would be active in a row in some conditions where voting is involved.
  • Fixed a couple buggy entries in /transactions
  • Fixed being able to hold the suitcase outside the active city if you followed a certain pattern to exploit the suitcase dropping mechanism.
  • Fixed receiving golf club when buying weapons in Ammunation.
  • Other miscellaneous bugfixes, including certain "random" vehicle spawns.

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SACNR Dev team