As if 2020 wasn't scary enough as it is, we're arriving at the spookiest time of the year!

As usual, Mr. Skeltal, the official SACNR provider of healthy bones and calcium has taken over from Anna.

Three witches (Winnie, Kathy and Sarah) have descended on San Andreas.
They were last spotted near Fern Ridge, Las Brujas and at Leafy Hollow.
They will be selling Potions to those who posess "Magic Beans".

Furthermore, they have replaced money bags with spooky cauldrons, and caused
all of the vehicles in the server to adopt more seasonal colours.

Homeowners across San Andreas are now welcoming trick or treaters,
who can obtain many treats, such as the possibility to win $1,000,000.
But beware! Because trick or treating can also result, of course, in getting tricked.

To top it all off, 120 spooky pumpkins have appeared across San Andreas.
Can you shoot and destroy all of them to make it into the leaderboards?

Event Commands

  • /pt - Drink a potion.
  • /tot - Trick-or-Treat at any house.
  • /pumpkins - Receive a hint on where to find and destroy a spooky pumpkin!

Thanks to LilithV, Lorcs and Tobs for hiding the pumpkins.

Have fun

SACNR Admin & Dev Team