Sixteen players paid five million dollars in order to represent their country in a one to one on-foot duel. The tournament as a whole was rather eventful, yet epic at the same time. Several players dropped out, the competition money was even stolen at some point, but in the end it all worked out to be a fantastic tournament.

The finals, were something spectacular, bot_0x met his match, Serpent. The final consisted of two countries, Pakistan and Mexico. The aim for both of the countries were to defeat eachother and gain a two point lead. So, the country had to defeat the other country until they were leading with two points. In the end, the end result was 3 - 1.

The first round was a very close one, as the two of them had just under 20HP before Mexico perished and put Pakistan forward in the final. The next round was again, very close but this time bot_0x fell off the building the arena was stationed on and fell to his death which made the scores even. The third and final round lasted for just two minutes, but in the end, Pakistan took the title off the United Kingdom and bot_0x collected his well deserved eighty-million dollars.

Spend the eighty-million wisely, bot_0x!

1st - Pakistan
2nd - Mexico
Joint 3rd - Sweden and Philippines

Thank you to Source for creating the excellent arena for the final.
Thank you to Adri for taking the competition money, alongside myself. 
Thank you to Blacklite, driftb0y and Andrei for securing the arena.

Thank you to the player who took part, countries include:

  • Kingskully representing United Kingdom
  • Slizer for Sweden
  • EpicFace for Estonia
  • Ahmdoda for Ireland
  • Driftb0y for Bulgaria
  • asta for Morocco
  • Serpent/[MEX]Huastalc for Mexico 
  • [driftking]zOz for Egypt
  • bot_0x for Pakistan
  • The_Scorpion for Albania
  • miljevic for Serbia
  • ichigo_kurosaki for Venezuela
  • MK_Flash for Macedonia
  • Vansel for Philippines
  • Marked_Man for United States!-2

You can see the highlights of the final in the video below:

You can also see pictures of the final up on the SACNR Facebook