Just a few minor things:

  • Updated public service pay system. Your public service pay should change very little, if at all, and any "jumps" should have been removed. To work out your public service pay, you can use the new public service pay calculator.
  • Updated jail escapes - you now spawn in 1 of 5 random locations near the police station from which you escaped. This should make it a little easier to get away when your /escape is successful.
  • If you get arrested inside a police department, you will now be sent to the correct police station.
  • When you are bidding on a house, if you type /buy or select "Buy" from the menu when you have already placed your bid, your bid is automatically cancelled. In the past, this was done silently, but I have added a big red message on the screen and in chat, to let you know if it has been cancelled in this way. This may have caused some instances where players lose the tender even though they bid the highest for a house.